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Eriko in DRAGONBALL Posters!

Eriko Joins REAPER!

Eriko video clips!

Thank you for visiting my page about Eriko Tamura. Eriko has quite a bit of success as an entertainer. You might consider her to be the Britney Spears of Japan! After playing Princess Yaeko who's loved by two men in NBC's HEROES, Eriko is now set to play a leading role in 20 Century Fox's feature DRAGONBALL.
Here are some recent pictures of Eriko playing Kristen on the second season of REAPER aired on March 2009!
Here's her fan site found online and here's another!

I found this page Eriko being interviewed in a New York based magazine.         Eriko at a press conference in Tokyo, Japan. (July 2008.)

There were some images of Eriko on her Heroes promotional tour to Tokyo, Japan:

I figure Eriko Tamura in Japanese character should be 田村英里子 凱旋帰国. I went to Yahoo Japan and searched under it "田村英里子 凱旋帰国", I was able to find a lot of pictures of Eriko.

Here is a video clip of Eriko playing Princess Yaeko in HEROES. I miss princess Yaeko.

Eriko in Bikini from 2006 "Surf School"!!! from Japanese tabloid. Left is Lee Norris,"One Tree Hill"

One of my favorite shows which Eriko starred in is "Hideyoshi", a Japanese historical series that also aired here in the US!


Eriko's defining drama is "Waga Aishita Ultra-Seven." It was released DVD on October 23, 2005 and was ichiman en! (120 US Dollars!). I am looking for any pictures from this series for my web page. If you have any, PLEASE email me! domo arigatou gozaimashita.



Eriko Tamura on Facebook
I found some images of Eriko at
I found some images of Eriko at

DRAGONBALL POSTERS!!! OMG Eriko Tamura is hot

I found Eriko in the December 2008 issue of "In Touch " Magazine " Who wore it better? "

Eriko's red carpet arrival at LA Film Festival. June 18, 2009

Eriko Tamura joins REAPER! (source: TV Guide)

Eriko in "Razor!" What a beauty!!  
Close up!


I found ERIKO on TWITTER and FACEBOOK. Not sure if these are for real though.

Here are more clips of Eriko playing Princess Yaeko in HEROES I've found on YouTube.

I have managed to put up a couple video clips of Eriko I've recorded from TV! You will need QuickTime to play them. You may also want to be on a DSL or Cable connection because they are pretty big. Click on the pictures to watch!

Here is a clip of Eriko in a Lakers feature for KCAL 9 news on 4/29/03.

Here is a clip of Eriko at a Film Festival as shown on KSCI 18 during the Japanese Weekly News.

Here's another video clip of Eriko singing on stage I've found on YouTube

Here is a short clip of Eriko from her Japanese romantic comedy she starred in last year.

I found a commercial in Japan that Eriko is a spokesperson for!


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